Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"The Class" Still Has None

With the season/series finale (last I heard, CBS hadn't decided yet) of The Class coming up, I decided last night to force myself to sit through an entire episode, something I haven't been able to do for months, to see if this fetid lump of crap still stinks as much as it did when it was first excreted back in the fall. Boy, does it ever! The Class is still as lame, predictable, uninpired, unimaginative, unoriginal, and, most of all, unfunny as it was in its debut episode. Last night's episode was a perfect example of this. The network promos touted an unexpected ending that you dare not miss, however it was "twist" that I could see coming as soon as Nicole tells her lover Duncan that she's going to leave her husband Yonk. To predict the outcome of the episode, I simply ask myself what a lazy, uninspired hack writer would have happen at that point, and, being somewhat of a lazy, uninspired hack myself, I quickly answered myself, "Some sort of medical emergency. Maybe Yonk has a heart attack." Sure enough, the episode ended with Yonk clutching his left side and collapsing while at lunch with the guy his wife is about to leave him for.
Given its lack of originality or humor, I would urge CBS to wipe this stain off its schedule as soon as possible, yet given the current sorry state of the network sitcom (with the notable exception of NBC's excellent Thursday night line-up) I doubt they'd find anything better to replace it.

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