Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wonder Woman Cancelled Again

In the wake of their latest universe shattering cosmic crossover series, Infinite Crisis, DC Comics is ending both the Flash and Wonder Woman titles, just as they discontinued these heroes' first series two decades ago in the aftermath of the landmark series Crisis On Infinite Earths. I'll probably pick up the final issues, just as I did back in '85. In anticipation, I've been been boning up on my Wonder Woman lore by checking out several trade paperback collections from the Columbus Library. One positive effect of all that reading is that I knew the correct response to a Jeopardy clue that asked for the Greek goddess of "war and wisdom (I wonder why the ancient Greeks ever thought those two things go together.), Athena.
Another thing I have gleened from reviewing these books is that, over the course of this second series, Wonder Woman has been DC's "writer/artist" book, with most of the writers on the title illustrating most if not all of their run. Among the Wonder Woman collections I've recently read are volumes written and illustrated by George Perez, John Byrne and Phil Jimenez. William Messner-Loebs, while he did not illustrate the Wonder Woman stories he wrote, is a talented cartoonist who began his comics career writng and drawing the frontier fable Journey.
Of course, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the adventures of these two heroes will continue in new series, most likely launching by the end of the year. You can definitely count on Wonder Woman reappearing, as with a new movie in the works, DC would be foolish not to have a comic on the market to capitalize on it.

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