Wednesday, February 08, 2006

In A World...

The particular fiefdom that I wish to carve out for The Word From On High--the domain of which I seek to declare myself master, if you will--is identified by the somewhat nebulous descriptive "Pop Culture." But as I have said before, in print essays off-line and verbally to anyone who happens to be in earshot, to me, "Pop Culture" covers a hell lot of territory.
At the rosy-fingered dawn of the Third Millenium, in a world where a fair percentage of young people get their news from The Daily Show; where actors become politicians and politicians become actors and announce their candidacies on The Tonight Show; where opera singers and classical musicians market themselves like rock stars and rock stars are crowned by an obnoxious Brit, a washed up former cheerleader and some fat guy no one had ever heard of before he got the Idol gig; where celebrities as well as ordinary people are more than eager to open their homes to camera crews and spill there deepest and darkest secrets to ostentatiously sympatahetic talk show hosts on national TV; in a world of the Internet and 24 hour cable news and entertainment where the lines between "high" and "low" art are not blurred but utterly obliterated all culture is "Pop Culture"

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thebigcurve said...

you make a good point here.
pop culture has definitely expanded, and you are to be a very busy man reporting on all of it