Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thank you For Not Caring

I would like to thank the people of America for their indifference, and for, through said indifference, proving that I was right in my post of last Sunday which contended that nobody, at least in America, really gives half a crap about the Olympics anymore.
An article on the front page of Thursday's
USA Today Life section reveals that the Olympics are losing the ratings race to a contest people really care about, American Idol, and that NBC's ratings for these games are the lowest of any Olympiad since 1988.
The article contends that part of the problem may be that "this year's Olympics lack a compelling story...", which goes along with the point I was making. After all, compelling stories need good villains and the Soviet Union was the second greatest villain of the 20th century. the top villain of the 21st century (and you know who you are, Osama) doesn't field an Olympic team, though if he did, I bet they'd be a shoo-in for gold in the 500 Meter Suicide Relay, in which, after passing the baton to the next runner, you blow yourself up.

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