Monday, February 06, 2006

Meet The New Blog; Same As The Old Blog

I am back in the blog-o-sphere, world.
Except for the fact that I've changed the look, the title, even the URL and removed any reference to The Atomic Tomorrow, this is the same blog that I began last March as an extension of TAT's Atomic Pop section, which I was then editing.
After breaking w/ TAT (the reasons for which I will most likely get around to enumerating herein--as soon as I get it all sorted out in me own 'ead.), I quit posting here, I've recently been overcome with the powerful urge to share my insights and opinions w/ the world via the wonderful technology of the Internet, so I revamped my blog to finalize the break w/ the past at TAT.
Well, I'd actually prefer to share my wisdom and wit in print, but since I left TAT, I'd have to self-publish and that costs money, which I am pitiably short of these days.
Not only is a Blogger account free, but the potential audience for my ranting and raving is much wider--world wide, in fact--than it would be in a 'zine which I might only be able to afford to print a couple of hundred copies of.
I've got a lot of pent up raving to do from the months that I've sat around my apartment moping, so I should be able to provide updates here every couple of days.
If you're a returning reader, welcome back--and if you've surfed here (probably by accident) for the first time....I hope you dig the ride, and take a sec to dig through the archives and revel in the deathless wisdom I have previously dispensed.

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