Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Joe Laughed...

My "friend", or so I had, perhaps naively and apparently in error, believed, chuckled derisively every time I spoke the word "blog", more specifically, the phrase "my blog", and said something like "You must be kidding" when I tried to give him the slip of paper on which I had written the URL so that he might sample the latest of my rantings herein contained.
I felt a bit hurt by his refusal to give my work a look simply because of the venue in which I was pretty much forced, mostly-as explained in a previous post-by financial necessity, to publish it. It would be as if I had refused to even discuss his current writing project by dismissing it with "Are you joking? Print is so over. The novel is a dying art form and nobody reads books anymore." Frankly, I expected more respect from a fellow artist.

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thebigcurve said...

tell Joe he is a douche and a dork.
And tell him that I miss him.