Monday, February 20, 2006

We Can Put This Behind Us...But Don't Turn Your Back On Dick

After posting every day for the past two weeks, I finally took yesterday off. Likewise, Dick Cheney took a well deserved rest this weekend. Shooting your friends in the face and then dodging the press and American people who think they have some sort of "right to know" or some such B.S. takes a lot out of anyone, especially a guy with a bad heart. Now that his erstwhile hunting partner is out of the hospital and apparently not inclined to sue, Dick can get back to the important business of planning the invasion of Iran, authorizing the release of classified information and searching for that secret plan to repeal the Bill of Rights and cancel the Presidential elections that Spiro Agnew was rumored to have back in the days before he resigned in disgrace.
I think Mark Shields hit it on the head when he said, on the Newshour on Friday, that this incident, while its news value is over, will live on in "Cheney Lore." I'm sure the next time a political rival criticizes the Veep, one of the late night talk show hosts will quip that Cheney has "invited him on a hunting trip."
Y'know, when I first heard about this "hunting accident," I remembered hearing earlier that Cheney sometimes went "hunting" with Supreme Court Justice Scalia and I wondered if Dick was just warming up to give his boy W another to put a conservative on the Court.
Also, I hear they were hunting quail--or was it "Quayle"? Has anyone heard from Danny-Boy lately, or is his head stuffed, mounted and hung in a place of honor above the fireplace in one of Cheney's "undisclosed locations"? After all, W's presidency has been all about settling Daddy's old scores, and Dan the Potatoe Man was a huge albatross around Papa's scrawny neck.

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