Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Loius Rukeyser Signs Off

Even though business and financial news generally bores my socks right off, thus I really didn't give half a crap what he was actually talking about, I liked Louis Rukeyser. I would stay tuned to our local PBS station, WOSU, for a few minutes following Washington Week In Review to listen to his opening remarks. There was a certain quality to his voice and a kind of grandfatherly quality to warm manner and gentle humor that made him appealing even to someone with nothing to gain or lose in the latest fluctuation of the stock or bond markets. To those who did, I'm sure that Rukeyser was a comforting and reassuring presence. I missed him when PBS unceremoniusly dumped him after three decades as host of Wall Street Week, though I did catch his CNBC show, Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street, a couple of times before ill health forced him to give it up. Friday nights have not been the same since.
Rukeyser was 73 years old when he died yesterday of a rare form of cancer.

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