Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gilmore Girl--and Boy--Out

Tonight is the sixth season finale of Gilmore Girls. Due to the late hour that the show is dumped into around these parts, I will probably be taping it and watching it tomorrow. Thus, if I have any thoughts on it worth reporting, I'll share them on Thursday.
I was thinking recently that next season should probably be the last for Gilmore Girls. This entire year seems to have been one long exercise in delaying the inevitable--the wedding of Lorelei and Luke. But they can't put it off forever, or fans will get fed up and stop watching. Once it does happen, though, that's it. The central story of the show will be over, and the writers will be left struggling to find a new focus for the series as ratings plummet.
Furthermore, I recently read in TV Guide that the show's creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, and her husband, executive producer Daniel Palladino, have left the show after failing to negotiate with Warner Brothers a new contract that was satisfactory to both sides.
The Palladinos were the soul of Gilmore Girls, and without them it just won't be the same show. I'm not saying it will be bad. The West Wing didn't actually suck after Aaron Sorkin left following the show's fourth season, but it certainly lacked that spark of the early episodes, especially the brilliant first season. (See for yourself on Sunday, when NBC precedes Wing's series finale with a repeat airing of the pilot.)
With the Palladinos out, it's time to give in to the inevitable and march Luke and Lorelei down the aisle and off into the sunset.
Oh, while they're at it, they should get Rory and Jess back together too. Maybe they could end the series with a double wedding.

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