Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Word From The Box Office

Anyone who could not have predicted that X-Men: The Last Stand would top the box office this past weekend has no business writing about pop culture. The film's $120 million opening weekend is apparently a record for a film hitting theaters on Memorial Day weekend. (More details and complete box office top ten here.) So, I'm betting that this won't be the Last Stand for Professor X and his merry band of mutants after all. The boys at Fox have to be looking at that bottom line and drooling, besides I read in Playboy that they already got Kelsey Grammar to sign on to another film when he inked the deal to play the Beast.
Over The Hedge, meanwhile, continues to defy my will and fly in the face of my earlier prediction that it would disappear quickly, checking in at #3, with The Da Vinci Code filling the second slot. Mission: Impossible III, the sequel to a remake of a 60's TV show, and Poseidon, the remake of Irwin Allen's disaster epic, The Poseidon Adventure, round out the top five.
Y'know, whether Poseidon is a good film or not, and most reviews I've seen lean toward not, it has one distinct disadvantage compared to Allen's original: no Ernest Borgnine.

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