Monday, July 17, 2006

A Major Announcement! Pay Attention! And Sit Up Straight!!!

Well, I was going to post the first of my Big Brother All Star updates on Saturday, but several factors converged to make that impossible, including the fact that all the PCs here at the Whetstone library were down on Saturday. Of course, the most important thing keeping me from expounding on the consequences of Alison's eviction is that I didn't actually see Thursday's eviction show.
All day Thursday the cold I'd been fighting all week was making a late round rally, not to mention that I hadn't been sleeping well all week. Well, I didn't need to be sick and tired for my meeting the next day (more on that in a sec), so after completing Thursday's entry in The Word, I went home, chugged some NyQuil and fell asleep listening to the audiobook of Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation. I slept for nearly twelve hours and ended up being late for work. Fortunatedly, I made it to my meeting on time.
The meeting, by the by, was with Brian Lindamood, managing editor of Columbus Alive! (the other major free weekly paper in town). Alive! recently began a program of publishing 6 week runs of comic strips by local cartoonists, and I headed to the Alive! offices on Friday with my comic strips in tow to see if I had a shot at getting in on that.
Well, Brian liked what he saw and my strip, Wasted Potential, will be running in Alive! There's two more weeks of the inaugural run of Phonzie Davis, then another artist is lined up for the next six week run, so my contribution to the world of comic strip art will begin its run in mid September.
Keep your eyes out for it, although if you keep reading this blog you can bet that I won't fail to tell you all when my strips hit the street.

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Katsy said...

Wasted Potential is hitting Alive!? Fabulous. Be sure to tell me when so that I can gather up all the copies I can find and burn them.