Friday, July 21, 2006

BB All Stars Update

Well, it looks like people who missed Big Brother 5 won't get the chance to see why I was so hot to see Nakomis re-admitted to the house this All Star summer as she ignominiously exited after a mere two weeks. I think that Kaysar made a smart move, taking her out before she really had a chance to get her game on, but I think it might have been better to try and bring her into the BB6 alliance.
The 6'ers, meanwhile, continue to dominate the game this season. Not only do they outnumber the remaining representative of any single season by at least two to one, but one of their number has once again taken the coveted and powerful Head of Household position.
What James might do this week there's really no way to say as, despite his being one of last summer's most formidable players, he never won HoH on BB6. My theory, however, based on what he has said to others and in the diary room, is that he's going after the so-called "Chilltown" alliance: BB2's Mike Boogie and the Evil Dr. Will.
At least that's what he'll do if he's smart. Will and Mike are really the only serious threat to the supremacy of the 6'ers, and thus must go.
I just hope that the dominance of the BB6 block does not result in Howie winning HoH any time soon. His first HoH week last summer was a disaster. He had the chance to evict the eventual winner (Maggie) and blew it, quite possibly costing everyone in his alliance the game and alienating James and Sarah. If Howie does get HoH this summer, I hope that he's at least more willing to listen to advice this time out. If he'd paid attention to hsi partner Rachel, the so-called "Friendship" alliance would have been effectively neutered right then and there, with its two main leaders, Eric the evil and Maggie, gone.
Oh, well--that was a year ago, and its a new game now.
More next week.


Jack Bertram said...

Hey there Ray! I've been out of touch with my usual blog readings, but I finally peeped into yours. It's funny, I don't watch Big Brother, but I enjoy reading about it through you. On Monday I'm going to be disconnected to the internet for a week. That's when I will be moving to Idaho, so I will be out of touch again. See you later.

Ray "!!" Tomczak said...

As I've always maintained, I'm watching Big Brother so you don't have to!