Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BB All Stars:George Gets His Game On At Last!!!

All right. So I said I wasn't going to write anymore about Big Brother All Stars until after the eviction on Thursday, but even though I don't want to turn this into an all BB all the time blog, last night's episode contained quite a bit that I want to comment on.
First off, The Evil Dr. Will's "I Hate You All" speech at the Veto ceremony ranks, for me, at least, right up there with Sue Hawke's "rat/snake" screed from the first series finale of Survivor as one of "reality" TV's great moments.
But the biggest surprise of the Veto ceremony was the guy conducting it. I, and I would hope his housemates, have gained a profound new measure of respect for "Chicken" George after he went all out to win the power of Veto and nix his own nomination for eviction. I told my sister as the season began that the main thing George had going for him in the game was that no one was going to take the tubbly, middle-aged guy from Season One seriously. This actually worked against him this week as it was pretty much the reason James nominated him. Kayser certainly underestimated Georgie in the Veto competition, failing to realize just how badly he wanted the veto and how far he was willing to go to get it.
Not me, however. When only George and Kaysar were left after completing a series of six progressively more humiliating challenges that culminated with them each getting their head shaved, Janelle, acting as "host" because Head of Household James was one of those competing, asked a tie breaker question: With 60 days left in the game, how many days in a row would you be willing to eat Big Brother Slop in order to win the veto? As soon as I heard the question, and sensing how desperate George was to stay in the game, I knew immediately what number he would write on his chalkboard, and I was right. Saying, "Heck, I'll take'em all," George turned over his chalkboard to reveal a big, fat 60 written there. Kaysar could only come up with 15, because, as I stated above, he didn't give his opponent full credit for being willing to go the distance.
Now that George has shown he's got game, I'll be eager to see what he does next.
As for Dr. Will, I think that he should be the one to go home tomorrow. Goerge and the four other "floaters" have the votes to save Jase, George's replacement on the nomination block and the BB6 alliance's newpick to go home this week. This would have the advantage of not only getting Will out of the house, but of sending a message to the BB6 block that their days of pushing the rest of the house around are numbered, as well as, as George's Veto victory already proved, not to underestimate any of the so-called "floaters."
I've also got some thoughts on who should be nominated next week, but those I will save for Friday after the results of this week's vote are in and a new HoH is chosen.

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