Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BB All Stars: Nomination Analysis

Turning our attention once more to the Big Brother All-Stars House, it is time to consider Head of Household James' nomination for eviction. In typical Jamesian fashion, he has said so many different things to so many people that it is difficult to fathom his exact reasoning or true intent. One thing that is becoming clearer as the weeks go by is that, for James at least, the BB6 "alliance" of Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and James is more an invention of the other Houseguests than a true alliance. He seems to be hooked up with them more out of familiarity that solidarity. He may even be carrying a grudge or two from last year. There were really three factions in the house last summer--Kaysar and his alliance, the so-called "Friendship" or, as I called it, the Cult of Eric, and James and Sarah. Frankly, the Kaysar faction treated James and Sarah far worse than the "Friendship" did, especially Howie, who essentially sold them out when he nominated both of them during his first HoH week.
Anyway, James has put up for eviction Dr. Will and Chicken George and seems to have convinced Will that George is his true target, though even if this is what he wants, somehow I doubt the rest of the house will easily fall in line. As the only past winner amongst this summer's returnees, not to mention an insufferable jackass, Will came back into the house with a neon blinking target on his head that the domination of the game so far by James and his BB6 compatriots has only partly obscured.
While it seems that Will is James' real target, I can see the logic in his stated reasons for wanting to get rid of George. A non-player like George, the type the Houseguests this summer have taken to referring to as a "floater," could easily fly under the radar right into the final four or even further. Frankly, in BB4, Jun pretty much "floated" away with the half million dollar first prize, and BB5's Cowboy got as far as the final two without doing much except being a big cowboy hat wearing goofball.
Whatever he's thinking, James, although this time he's the one doing the nominating and not himself nominated, once again has a compelling reason to win the power of veto and protect his nomination. Of course, if the power were used, it would probably be to save George. The only one in the house who would even think of taking Will off the block is his buddy and business partner Boogie.
That's all for now. I'll have more on Friday.

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