Monday, July 31, 2006

BB All Stars: Janelle's Nomimations

Following exactly the reasoning that I outlined in Saturday's post, Janelle, enjoying her second stay in the Big Brother All Stars Head of Household bedroom, almost nominated Diane, which is what I predicted she'd do. However, she decided to go after a different so-called "floater" while making it look like she's targeting Boogie. Whether her plans work out depend first on the results of the Veto competition, and secondly, I believe, on James.
James seems to think that Janelle should abandon the strategy of picking off the "floaters," which, as I pointed out, hasn't quite worked yet, and concentrate on breaking up Boogie and Dr. Will's "Chilltown" alliance. I agree with James, especially since "Chilltown" is only two people, and all you really have to do to de-fang Chilltown is get rid of one of them. That would, however, leave the five "floaters," who, if they actually start working together, could potentially become the largest alliance in the house. I do think that Janelle is giving them a little too much credit right at the present time, however. They're not an alliance yet, just a group of five unaligned players, thus the name "floaters." The danger is that going after them aggressively could be the impetus that draws them together as a force in the game.
So, with Erika and Boogie nominated, things could go either way. It could be the end of "Chilltown" or the real beginning of the "floater" alliance, and James' vote may be the one that decides. I think that, in the end, James will, as he should, look out for his own interests even if they conflict with the stated goals of his allies and vote to evict Boogie.
Of course, the nominees may change after the Veto competition. Erika's already won a Veto once, while Boogie has yet to win anything. If Erika's nomination is negated, either by her or whoever may win the Veto, then Janelle should just go full bore after "Chilltown" and put Dr. Will up beside his pal Boogie, though I doubt she will. It's more likely that Diane goes up if that happens.
We'll see tomorrow. Talk to you later.

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