Saturday, July 29, 2006

BB All Stars Week 3 Wrap-Up

This is getting ridiculous.

Never before have I seen one block of players so dominate the Big Brother house so early as the four returnees from Season 6 (Janelle, Kaysar, James and Howie) have in this year's All Star competition. Their reign continued as Janelle won her second turn as Head of Household in just four weeks on Thursday night's episode.
I would guess that she and the other 6ers will continue with their strategy of picking off the so-called "floaters" despite this ploy coming back to bite James in the ass when Chicken George came home to roost during the Veto competition and the fact that, so far, this strategy has not resulted in the actual eviction of even one "floater."
I wrote on Tuesday that the "floaters" should send the 6ers a message by getting together to thwart James' wishes and evict Will instead of Jase. No such message was sent, as Jase was ousted by unanimous vote. Perhaps the bizarre reverse psychology strategy that the evil Dr. Will is employing really has convinced his housemates that he's no threat to them.
I've written in earier entries about how most of the so-called "reality" shows seemed designed to bring out the worst elements of human nature in their participants. Thursday's profile of Will seemed to underscore this, with friends and family from outside the BB house telling America what a nice guy and good doctor he is in everyday life, while in the house we see only a shrewd manipulator and unrepentant liar. For Will, and other "reality" contestants, it seems that being cut off from society, even though that very society is watching their every move, gives them license to unleash the worst side of themselves and behave unscrupulously seemingly without consequence.
After the Veto competition, it seemed that, whoever won HoH, the obvious nominees were Kaysar and George, who had to agree to give up the right to compete in the next Veto competition in order to stay in the running for last week's Veto, thus renering them unable to save themselves if nominated. However, its highly unlikely that Janelle would even think of putting Kaysar up on the block and it's possible that the respect George won as a result of his performance at the Veto competition and ceremony may earn him at least a one week reprieve.
So who goes home this week?
To me, it makes sense to target Diane. Not only is she supposedly one of the so-called "floaters" that the Season 6 block makes so much noise about eliminating, but with the back to back evictions of her Season 5 housemates Nakomis and Jase, she's pretty much alone in the house, with no friends or allies, and most likely zero support for her continued presence in the house.
Well, we'll see what happens on tomorrow night's episode and I'll be back afterward with my impressions.

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