Thursday, July 20, 2006

Computer Warfare

It occurred to me the other night that eventually people are just going to get sick and tired of computer animated movies. As Rick Blaine said, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. Just look at the sheer number of them that Hollywood is throwing at us. Already this summer movie season we've seen Cars and Over The Hedge, and three more--Monster House (opening tomorrow), The Ant Bully, and Barnyard--are coming our way in the next couple of weeks. And if these do well, we'll see twice as many next summer and even more the next until the saturation point is reached, the bubble bursts and people start staying home.
One thing is certain....
The main reason we're seeing so many of these damned things is because they inevitably end up in the #1 box office position their opening weekend, but with both Bully and Barnyard opening on August 4, one of them is going to be perhaps the first computer animated film not to be #1 its first weekend. There can only be one #1, after all. (Me, I'm betting on Barnyard being the also ran. The ads I've seen so far make it look even lamer than Madagascar.)

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