Monday, April 23, 2007

SPACE Wrap-Up: Day One

The Eagle has landed!
The Ray has returned!
And there was much rejoicing!
Greetings, denizens of cyber-space-land, I bring you glad tidings from SPACE (the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) to which I boldly went this past weekend, armed only with a couple of hundred copies of Wasted Potential: Fit 2 Print, the mini-comic collecting the Wasted Potential and Pop Darts comic strips that ran in Columbus Alive! and The Atomic Tomorrow.
Except for greeting friends at their tables shortly after arriving and a late day trip around the room to do some trading of comics, I spent most of Saturday at the table. I didn't even get to the Day Prize presentation. (Of course, I announced the Day Prize winner earlier as soon as Dapper Dave Sim himself revealed the recipient's identity on his blog.) I didn't want to go because I was kind of on a roll. I had my sales pitch down and was at my most congenial and beguiling, managing to sell more books on Saturday than I had at any of the previous seven SPACE shows. (Of course, I was only charging 50 cents a book, so I made just about enough to buy myself a pizza.)
After the show closed on Saturday, Mike Lucas and I checked out the new Half Price Books location across from the Graceland shopping center. I picked up an old mass market paperback reprinting classic Steve Ditko/Stan Lee Dr. Strange stories in full color. (That's somewhat unusual, as most mmpb comics were in black & white.) I really like the mass market paperback format for comics. My collection is pretty small because they're really hard to find, but I'll pick them up whenever I come upon them.
After grabbing a bite at the G-land Subway, Mike and I went to a place called MoMo2, where the "SPACE Launch Party" was to be held. We didn't see anyone we knew and decided the place was too loud and annoying, so we split.
I had a couple of Mike's Hard Lemonades, and went to bed.
Tomorrow, I'll tell you how Sunday went.

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