Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Idol Speculation: Lakisha Will Exit Tonight.

With little over an hour, as I type this, until tonight's American Idol results show, I thought I'd offer some predictions.
Safe this week:
Phil--this was his best performance yet. If he can keep this up, he might challenge Blake for a spot in the top 3.
Blake--another fine performance, and great job of finding a country song suited to his style.
Jordin--an amazing performance. Simon is right: if she can keep up that level of intensity, she's got a real shot at the Idol title.
Melinda--Her performance was HOT! I'd never heard of the song she chose, or the artist who recorded it, and as far as I'm concerned it will forever be associated with Melinda Doolittle.
The Bottom Three:
Sanjaya--What can I even say? He's Sanjaya, for Pete's sake! What the bloody hell is he even still doing there?
Chris--His nasally, twangy vocal sounded almost like a deliberate parody of country music.
Lakisha--Her weakest performance yet.
Probably Headed Home Tonight:
Lakisha. I've compared her in the past to Season 5's Mandisa, and it was country week that proved Mandisa's undoing last season. I think we've seen the last of Kiki until the tour.
Check back tomorrow to witness the unfailing accuracy of my precognitive powers.

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