Monday, April 30, 2007 Announcement!!!

On the second day of this year's Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (its friends call it SPACE), I led a panel on the subject of on-line comics with Ryan Holgerson, Andrea "Sam" McEnaney, and Jared Koon. Even though I organized and moderated the shindig, I'm pretty much a newbie to the whole world of on-line comics, and actually had the least to contribute. I manged to learn quite a bit during the course of the hour, including several sites where I could post my comics. Later in the week, I signed up for all of them, and now Wasted Potential will be posted weekly not only on my WP blog, but on ComicSpace, Drunk, and WebComics Nation. ComicSpace contains the entire saga so far, while Drunk Duck and WebComics Nation pick up with last week's episode. I will also be posting Pop Darts on Comic Space soon.
Now there is NO excuse for not following the mildly amusing exploits of cartoonist Norman Burns and his friends!!! The web is mine, and I'll know if you don't read it, so you better surf over there now, sparky!!!

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