Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Idol Should "Give Back" To V Tech Victims

Last night, Ryan Seacrest, the Cowell and a couple of the American Idol hopefuls expressed sympathy and solidarity for the victims of Monday's Virginia Tech massacre. I think they should do more and put some money where their mouths are.
Idol's producers should take just a small portion of the cash they are raising with next week's "Idol Gives Back" event and set up a relief fund for the victims and families. If, as Seacrest boasted, one corporate giant is forking over five million bucks, half a mil or a million would be a drop in the bucket, but would help the V Tech victims and families offset medical and funeral expenses as well as further show the concern for alleviating human suffering that this big hoopla is supposed to demonstrate.
Actually, I really do expect Seacrest to announce just this type of plan on the results show tonight, and I'll be quite disappointed if he does not.

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