Friday, April 20, 2007

SPACE Is This Weekend!!! HUZZAH!!!

The 8th Annual Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, held once again at the spacious Aladdin Shrine Center in the Small Press Comics Capitol of the Known Universe, Columbus, Ohio, begins in less than 24 short hours. The show expands to TWO (2) big days this year, so there's plenty of chance for you to get out there and see what all the buzz on the street has been about.

When you show up, be sure to check out my table, where I shall be offering for public sale for the first time anywhere Wasted Potential: Fit 2 Print, a mini-comics collection of all the Wasted Potential strips that have actually appeared in for real newspapers (although calling The Atomic Tomorrow a "for real" newspaper is kind of stretching the truth just a wee bit.)

If for some reason, you can not make it to the comics event of the year and still wish to own a copy of this limited edition collector's item classic, simply e-mail me at and I shall enlighten you as to how we may work together to make that happen.

I'll have a full report on the show next week.

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