Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sue and the Rats: Still the Champ

I said last week that Dr. Will's "I Hate You All" speech at the Big Brother All Stars Veto ceremony last week could stand beside Susan Hawk's infamous "Rat/Snake" speech from the first Survivor finale. Well, after watching that speech again just this past weekend, I realize that I was wrong. Nothing in television before or since compares to that moment. It is truly the purest expression of raw, unbridled hatred seen on the small screen outside of daytime soap operas, and it is, however unitentionally, utterly hilarious. I crack up every time I hear it, and not even Steve Martin at the height of his stand up career has that effect on me every single time. (I wonder if this reaction to such a vitriolic stream of pure bile says anything about the kind of person I am...Well, of course it does, but I've long since accepted that I'm a horrible, bitter troll and learned to live with it.)

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