Monday, August 14, 2006

BB All Stars: A Whole New Game

A lot happened in the Big Brother All Stars house between Thursday and Sunday.
Erika's reign as Head of Household was short lived, as complaints of technical difficulties during the competition caused it to be re-played and this time Janelle won, making her HoH for the third. I'm not sure any other houseguest has ever had three terms as HoH, especially only six weeks into the competition.
Meanwhile, the power of coup d'etat, which will give the houseguest who wins it the power to overthrow the HoH and change the nominations on eviction night, is up for grabs. So far, Danielle, James, George and Erika have taken stabs at guessing the Big Brother related phrase which holds the key to the power.
The BB game enters a new phase this week, as, with only nine houseguests remaining, the next seven evictees will form the jury which will decide the winner from the final two.
So, are these All Star houseguests really great liars or just very gullible or a little of both? Last week, everyone seemed to buy into the ruse of Danielle's nomination of James, which was designed to hide their alliance, while Will told a series of whoppers, which, again, everyone seemed to swallow, designed to turn the house against Marcellas. This week, following Kaysar's eviction, Janelle began telling some tall tales of her own concerning Chicken George. Now, we viewers know that George did not "swear on his kids," as Janelle claims, that he would vote to keep Kaysar in the house, and Kaysar did not tell her that he did, yet Will and James appear to be buying that line of crap. My interpretatiion is that not only did George not make any promise to help Kaysar, he pretty much told Kaysar that he was going to vote him out without coming right out and saying it, since, in my experience at least, "I'll see what I can do" usually means "Sorry, Charlie."
The real question here is what Janelle believes. Her diary room testimony seems to indicate that she doesn't even realize that she's not telling the truth, but instead actually believes her own laod of BS.
I really hope that Danielle's guess was correct and she wins the coup d'etat power. Especially as she is one of Janelle's nominees this week, she will surely use it and Janelle will become the first member of the jury.
Meanwhile, it seems that Will is taking the competition a little more seriously than he wants people to think. Contrary to what he said in his "I Hate You All' screed a couple of weeks ago, the Evil Doctor really seemed to be trying to win the HoH competitions and looked genuinely pissed off both times he got knocked out.
Finally, I want to say that it was great to see Season 5's Marvin again during last nights food competition (if I were picking the All Star line-up, he would have at least made the Top 20 that people got to vote on), but I'm wondering what exactly qualifies a mortician to judge a cooking competition. (I don't remember what Season 4 winner Jun does for a living, and, as I didn't follow Season 2, this was the first time I'd ever seen that Nichole person.)
Yes, it's been quite a week in the BB house so far, and we haven't even seen the Veto competition yet. Things may get even stranger....Stay tuned.

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