Wednesday, August 02, 2006

BB All Stars: Veto Aftermath--James Defects

Back when I lived in Kane, Pa and worked as a DJ at WKZA AM Stereo 960, there was a woman from my home town also living there and teaching at the High School. Now, under normal circumstances, she's not someone who I would hang around with, because, to be frank, as much as I love the rest of her family, especially her mom and dad, who were like second parents to me, I absolutely cannot stand her. She's a mean, hateful, bitter, just plain horrible person. But back then I did talk to her and hang out with her a bit, because in this unfamiliar setting, she was someone I knew.
What, you ask, does this have to do with Big Brother All Stars? Well, that familiarity is, I believe, the sole reason James was hanging around with the other returnees from Season 6, especially since they weren't all that friendly the first time around. Now, however, the Season 6 alliance appears to already falling apart, with James pissed off by Janelle's nomination of Diane to replace Boogie after Boogie won the Power of Veto, while Janelle truly does appear to be in the thrall of the Evil Dr. Will's Svengali like charm.
(It sounds like I'm describing the plot of a comic book, doesn't it? Which, it occurs to me even as I write this, may be part of Big Brother's appeal for me.)
Meanwhile, it appears, as I predicted, that the Season 6 focus on picking off the so-called "floaters" may forge them into an actual alliance, though it seems like James may try to form his own alliance with some of the "floaters," especially Danielle. It appears that James' anger at Janelle has caused him to forget his focus on breaking up "Chilltown" (Dr. Will and Boogie), but that makes a certain sense, since Season 6, even without James, is still the most powerful alliance in the house and if he's not going to be a part of that team, then they are natural targets for him to go after. Of course, he would do well to remember what happened to Kaysar when he returned to the game last summer and let his emotions, particularly his desire for revenge, get the best of him and ended up evicted for the second time only a week after being voted back into the house by the viewers.
I think that if James really wants to rally the house against Janelle, he needs to arrange it so that this week's vote is tied and Janelle has to cast the deciding vote. Thus, whatever happens is all on her. She made the nominations; she cast the deciding vote; and whoever walks out the front door tomorrow is doing so because Janelle made it happen. James can then use this to drum up support for evicting her later on.
Well, enough for now. More after the eviction.

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