Monday, August 07, 2006

BB All Stars: Can Danielle Be Trusted?

That, as a certain Melancholy Dane famously said, is the question. At least it's the question that James has to be asking himself after the nomination ceremony shown in last nights Big Brother All-Stars episode, in which Danielle, the first non-Season 6'er to win the power position this summer, nominated him along with fellow 6'er and apparently former ally Janelle for eviction. The idea, as Danielle explained it to James, is that she wanted someone as the other nominee who could keep Janelle from winning the Power of Veto competition and James, this summer and last, has won more Veto competitions than any other player in BB history. James seems to trust her, and her diary room testimony makes it appear that she is, in fact, sincere, but as with everything else in the game, we'll have to wait and see and the only thing that counts is the final vote tally.
Meanwhile, my respect and admiration for Chicken George continues to grow.
This week's HoH competion challenged the houseguests to hold on to a giant spider web as long as they could, with the last person remaining being the winner. The first five who dropped out could chose from five "golden" eggs, two of which contained prizes of value in the game and one of which contained ten thousand dollars. One of the prizes was a pass allowing the holder not to have to eat Slop for a week.
Remember now that George, because of the Veto competition two weeks ago, has to eat Slop for the rest of the time he's in the house, so when it came down to the last egg and all the other prizes had been claimed leaving only the Slop pass, the others houseguests urged George to jump off and take the pass. George, however, hung on, determined to give it his all in an effort to win the competion. Marcellas was the next to fall and claimed the pass. George lost his grip a few minutes later, but it was too late.
Fortunately, Marcellas later decided to let George have the pass so that he could join the others for some pizza, though it seems this is hardly a selfless act and Marcellas appears to expect some quid pro quo in the future.
The way that George has conducted himself in the game has seemingly won not only my respect and admiration, but his fellow houseguests' as well, which is why I predict that he can't win the half million dollar grand prize. Suppose that he makes it to the Final Three, but fails to win the final HoH competion. Now, in BB, the winner of HoH when only three are left is automatically in the Final Two and gets to pick which of the other two faces the jury consisting of the last seven houseguests evicted beside him. If you were one of the other houseguests. would you want to be up against this guy who everyone likes and respects or just about anyone else? You might not even want to let him reach the Final Three, as I think there's a good chance that he'd win the final HoH. The Veto competition two weeks ago showed that he's capable of doing what has to be done when his ass is on the line.

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