Friday, August 04, 2006

6 Weeks and Counting Down

A new strip by John Mallett began its six week run in Columbus Alive!'s "Columbus Comix Spotlight," meaning that it's only six weeks until Columbus is treated to a taste of its soon to be new favorite comic strip, Wasted Potential, by everyone's already favorite cartoonist/blogger, moi. I've decided that while the strip is running, I'm going to offer commentary on each strip each week here at The Word From On High, thus giving my vast reading public (all six of them) a glimpse into the workings of a truly demented yet blindingly brilliant creative mind.
Meanwhile, I'm going to have to put off my analysis of last night's Big Brother All Stars episode until tomorrow because I've got to check the BB web-site and find out who won Head of Household, as the competition for the honor was one of those all night endurance tests that come down to a question of who wants it more.

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