Monday, May 16, 2005

Speaking of Final Episodes...

.....I totally forgot about the finale of Enterprise Friday night. I wanted to see that. I hear from someone who did see it that the rumors I'd heard were true and the whole series was revealed to be a holodeck simulation on the 24th century Enterprise. Geez....
Paramount was basically admitting that the series had been a bad idea from the start and they truly were out of ideas for the Trek franchise (except to do a high-tech rip-off of the St. Elsewhere final episode--which I loved, but you can only get away with that gimmick so many times)
By the way, I hear Data was there when the "surprise" was revealed. Does this mean that in addition to saying Enterprise was not "real", they are also negating Data's "death" at the end of Nemesis?
Thankfully, Paramount is putting the Trek franchise on hold for awhile--perhaps permanently.
If it does return, I hope the people responsible for Enterprise (and Voyager, as well) have been moved to the sitcom division where they obviously belong.

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