Friday, May 20, 2005

Finale Fever

Ah, May--the time for the season finales of all out favorite shows. I happened to check out a couple this past week...
On Gilmore Girls, Lorelei asked Luke to marry her just as they faded to black until September. I think Luke should say "no"---or rather, "Ask me later." Sure, Luke obviously wants to marry her, as evidenced by his attempt to buy that house, but when she asked, Lorelei was feeling hurt and vulnerable---she felt she'd been betrayed by her parents and, even worse, by Rory. They both need to step back before they do something they'll regret later.
The next night was the Law & Order season ender. I haven't kept up with the new episodes of L&O---for the past couple of years I've just been waiting until the following autumn when they go into rotation on TNT--so when I watched Wednesday night's episode, I barely recognized anyone. In the space of one season, they've replaced half the cast. That's a little extreme, even in a show known for its ever-changing ensemble.

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MintCoffeeGirl said...

I was actually at a training last week, in another state so I got to see the season finale. It was not quite like I had expected or saw reviews on the internet. Have you seen the earlier episodes of Gilmore Girls? Do you think that Rory has changed and if so is it for the better or worse? I have heard so many mixed options on the subject, just thought I would ask.
Thanks for the comment on my blog.