Monday, May 16, 2005

Everybody Really Only Barely Tolerates Raymond

Yes, tonight is the big finale of Everybody Loves Raymond after a shortened season stretched into May Sweeps with numerous repeats of "favorite" episodes. Raymond is touted on the network promos as "America's Favorite Comedy" or something to that effect; an honor it's earned pretty much by default. There really aren't any decent sitcoms out there any more since Friends and Frazier--the best sitcom ever, by the way--bit the dust last year. (I'm wondering how Kelsey Grammar is coping with not being Frazier Crane after playing the character for over 2 decades...he's probably in some heavy therapy) The form has once again been declared dead; just as it was two decades ago before The Cosby Show came along.
Now, what I'd really like to see in tonight's finale is Deborah kill Raymond with one of his putters after he tries for the thousandth time to sneak out to play golf rather than spend time with the wife and kids. She then picks up a knife, goes across the street and hacks Frank and Marie into little pieces. The police arrive and Robert accidentally shoots himself to death attempting to draw his weapon. Then Deborah is killed in a shoot out with the SWAT team.
But it probably won't go down that way.
I've read that the producers really aren't planning anything special for the last outing--just another episode, they say. Which means it'll be bland, unfunny and based on sitcoms stereotypes that I thought TV left behind with the 1960's.
I can hardly wait.

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