Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Countdown This!!!

Haven't posted for a while. Have I been busy? Not so much. Maybe I've just been wasting too much time sitting around watching TV...
As if TV weren't a gigantic time waster all by itself, along comes VH-1 to both waste our time and make us hate ourselves for watching it.
OK, so I was watching something called the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock last night, and I wonder who determines these rankings? VH-1 never tells you who actually picks these lists and on the basis of what I saw last night its probably because those people would be afraid to show their faces in public if their identities became public knowledge. I mean, on this so called countdown, the Rolling Stones--that's the ROLLING FREAKIN' STONES, people--ranked no. 67. No. 67? The Rolling Stones? And to add insult to injury, Cheap Trick---that's right, I said CHEAP FREAKIN' TRICK, for the luvva Mike--ranked in the top 30. That is total BS.
Another TimeWaster-1 countdown that bothers me was called The 40 Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever, but that was really kind of a misnomer since, because this was a TV show they need video clips to intersperse between the clips of Z-list "celebrities" cracking wise, the list was slanted heavily, almost exclusively to songs released since the ascendence of the music video. It really should haver been called The 40 Most Awesomely Bad Videos Since About 1979 or So.
Then there's ESPN's countdown of the Best Sports Films of the Last 25 Years. Now I realize this was part of the celebration last year of ESPN's 25th anniversary, but by limiting the scope of the countdown to films made since 1979, they left out some really great films. Like, for instance, Pride of the Yankees. What about the Oscar winning original Rocky? Then there's my all time favorite sports related film ever: The Bad News Bears.
And do we really need TWO countdowns of "Greatest Reality TV Moments"--one on E! and another on KillMeNow-1? I think not.
The rant's over, please go on with your lives. (I wonder--is there a "colossal waste of time setting on those V-chip thingees that'll block out all these stupid countdown shows and VH-1 altogether?)

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