Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Can't Ignore This Story, So here's my Michael Jackson piece

The Michael Jackson Death Watch has officially begun.
With the trial over, and a comeback highly unlikely, the next time the media (other than the Weekly World News, that is) will pay any attention to Jacko is when he dies. There's really nothing for him to do now but become like Charles Foster Kane, withdrawing into his palatial monument to his own hubris and dieing alone with no one around to hear his last utterance, which still somehow leaks to the media. (Seriously, have you ever noticed that in the beginning of Citizen Kane, there's no one else in the room to hear him say "Rosebud"? So how does that reporter get ahold of it? Actually, it's a minor flaw and doesn't keep Kane from being the 2nd best film ever----behind Casablanca, of course.)
Well, when I get majorly off topic like that, it's time to go.
Talk at you later.

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