Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Preview of CBS Fall Schedule

So, I was just looking at CBS' fall schedule and I must say I am not impressed.
True, they did have the good sense to cancel The Class, but they have renewed Rules of Engagement, which I haven't seen, but hear is even worse. True, I probably shouldn't take other reviewers' words for it, but the truth is that I like very little that's on network TV anyway, so I probably wouldn't like this. Besides, it's got David Spade in it, and who really wants to see anything he's in.
One of their new shows is called Moonlight and it concerns a vampire who works as a private investigator. Didn't we see this done before and--most likely---better almost two decades ago as Forever Knight? Just last Thursday I decried the lack of originality in "reality" TV, but why should that genre be any different than the rest of the schedule.
Meanwhile, Cane stars Jimmy Smits and looks like Falcon Crest set on a sugar cane plantation.
Kid Nation strands 40 kids in a ghost town and tasks them with building their own civilization. Obviously inspired by the "bonk-bonk" episode of the original Star Trek. (Actually titled "Miri")
Then there are a couple of new sitcoms that look too lame to even bother dissing. They'll both last one season tops.
The good thing about CBS being the No. 1 network is that most of their schedule will be returning shows and they're only rolling out a handful of these lame turkeys. Poor NBC, which has probably slid into sixth place (out of five) by now will probably have to pretty much start from scratch.
Well, I'm done bitching for now.
See ya later!

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