Thursday, June 07, 2007

AAAAARGH! It's "Pirate Master"

The second episode of the new "reality" series Pirate Master airs tonight on CBS.
If I were speaking to you now, you would be correct in noting a certain lack of enthusiasm in my tone. I've been turning in early every night this week and see no need to quit tonight.
Originality in "reality" TV these days is about as rare as honesty in a politician or mental stability in a cartoonist. Just about every show since Survivor is just a varitation on the basic premise of a group of strangers gathered together and eliminated one by one until only one remains to walk off with the prize.
Pirate Master, however, is a particularly egregiously derivative. It plays out like a Mulligan's stew of elements borrowed from Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother and the last couple of summer blockbusters starring Johnny Depp. I wouldn't be surprised if the "pirates" are eventually forced to sing while the "captain" and his "mates" judge them.
You get the point. It sucks. No use wasting anymore cyberspace belaboring the point. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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