Thursday, September 28, 2006

WASTED POTHENTIAL in ALIVE! Week 3: "Hunter and Elvis"

Once again, you'll have to rush out and pick up this week's Columbus Alive! and read this week's Wasted Potential strip before reading this insightful and thought provoking commentary. Unfortuntately, I am unable to post the strips here at this time...However, the original version of this week's strip (I've since redrawn it) appeared in the mini comic collection Wasted Potential: Blue, so if you're one of the half dozen or so people who got a copy of that one, you'll know what I'm talking about.
I drew the original version of this strip in January of 2003. It was a Monday. No, I don't remember the exact date.
The inspiration for the strip was a woman I had met the day before. I won't disclose her name, since just as Norm's infatuation with this unnamed woman he "met" is destined to go nowhere, I totally failed to ask this woman out or in any even indicate to her that I was even thinking of asking her out or that I had any type of romantic inclinations toward her at all and eventually she drifted out of my life and I haven't seen her for about two years and I kick myself every time I think about her.
Anyway...If I ever were to have a male child ( a prospect that seems increasingly unlikely since most of my experiences with women mirror the above example), I would, in fact, want to name him Hunter. It's a cool name as well as being the name of one of my favorite writers and the author of the quote over there on your right underneath my picture.

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