Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gallery Hop

So, next weekend, I, and the group of cartoonist of which I am a part known as Sunday Comix, will be having a gallery show at the Gallery Upstairs over the Surly Girl Saloon in the Short North. It's for one night only, but that night is the night of the monthly Gallery Hop, September 1st, so we should get a few people coming in, and I might even dupe some gullible fool into buying one of my pieces. (Yeah, right!)
Anyway, now that Blogger allows the uploading of videos directly from your computer, I thought I would test out that feature by presenting here a video that I made which previews the pieces that I'll be showing next weekend.

Hope to see you next Saturday!

1 comment:

Jack said...

Nice video Ray. That music makes me feel like I'm walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Taking it easy in the Big Easy. I've never been to New Orleans. Have a good gallery night, Ray!