Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Ray's Top 5

Top 5:
TV "Characters" That You Just KNOW Were Sleeping Together Even Though It Was Never Explicitly Stated On Their Shows
5. The Mod Squad
4. Mary Ann and Ginger
This would explain how, in 15 years on the island, neither of them ever got pregnant.
3. Shirley Partridge and Ruben Kincaid
That's why she never fired him. He wasn't a very good manager, after all.
2. Greg and Marcia Brady
1. Siskel and Ebert

1 comment:

Katsy said...

Really, Spaz, has it come to this? Speculation about TV characters' sex lives? Oh brother, bad bad times.
How's your cat? Mine is fine.
My head hurts really bad tonight, and I ate enough cookie dough to give an elephant salmonella.
Thank you and goodnight.