Thursday, October 05, 2006


Okay, since I'm unable to post the actual strip here, I'm gonna try describing the strip so that you have some clue what I'm commenting on.
By the way, while most of the Alive! strips have appeared in previous self-published comics, this week's strip has never been seen anywhere by anyone.
Panel One:
(Norm and Bill sitting on couch--like always. Amy standing behind couch)
Norm: I had a great idea for a strip today while I was at work.
Amy: I hope you wrote it down this time.
Bill sneezes.
Panel Two:
Norm: Of course. I wrote it on a napkin. It's right...
Bill sniffles and reaches for napkin lying on coffee table.
Panel Three:
Bill and Norm
Bill blows his nose
Panel Four:
Norm and Bill look at each other.
Panel Five:
Bill: What?
Norm: Oh, nothing.
('s just not the same)
Anyway, like Norm, I work at a fast food restaurant and when an idea for a strip strikes me while I'm working I will write it down on whatever paper is handy(napkins, bags, etc..) so that I don't forget it before I get a chance to draw it up.
Fortunately, the event the depicted in this strip is just a scenario that I thought would be funny (it is a comic strip, after all) and has never really happened to me. (I generally wait 'til after I draw the strip to use the napkin to blow my nose.)

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