Saturday, July 23, 2005

BB 6 Update: Eric's Got Ta Go!

The 2nd live eviction on this summer's edition of Big Brother was held on Thursday, and, in what was pretty much a foregone conclusion, Michael got the old heave-ho with only one person, most likely Kayser, his "secret partner", voting to boot Janelle.
The good news is that after the vote, Kayser won the Head of Household competition. I was praying that either he or Janelle would get the power, and I hope he can see that he has to nominate Eric. And once he does, he needs to make the other houseguests see why the "midget", as Michael called him, has to GO, and go now. The air of tension in the house that nearly erupted into violence, as seen on Tuesday's show, was entirely the byproduct of Eric's overzealous campaign to insure Michael's eviction by turning the entire house against him, and the near fight was a result of Eric's temper and violent nature. Kayser has to put Eric on the block and make his housemates see that the "midget" is a threat; not in the game sense, but in a very real, physical sense. If the houseguests don't send Eric home next Thursday, then the producers are going to have to step in and do it before too long. Heck, on BB 4, Scott got sent home before the first eviction by the producers for behavior less menacing than Eric's during what the houseguests now refer to as "the Incident".
Perhaps Kayser should put Jennifer up against him. Everyone seems to like her and not consider her any kind of threat, so nominating her would probably insure that Eric goes home.

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