Friday, March 11, 2005

An' Da Winnah iz....

Ok, before I go on to the main topic of my rant, I want to follow up on my last post concerning Dapper Danny Rather's final bow as anchor of the CBS Evening news. If you've kept up with Dan at all over the past quarter century you probably had a gut feeling about how he would end the broadacast, and he didn't disapoint: "Courage." Courage, indeed.
Anyway, on to what's on my mind this fine Friday afternoon. It may be a little late to be writing about the Oscars, but then I didn't even start this stinking blog until last week. So write about the Oscars I shall. Not about Chris Rock's performance; I'm sure that's been analyzed to bits and pieces many other places--though I did notice a couple of spots during his monologue where Oprah was clearly not amused, and you know how offending Oprah doomed David Letterman's chances of ever hosting again. (Truthfully, what killed him is that he wasn't funny that night, and the "Uma. Oprah." bit, lame as it was, was actually a high point)
No, I wanna talk about Spider-Man 2, which won for Visual Effects, or was it Special Effects. Apparently, those two aren't the same thing, at least according to the commentary on the DVD by the visual effects team.
So, when is a movie based on a comic going to win a real Oscar--that is, not one for Visual, or Special, Effects. I think the only one ever even nominated in any other category was Ghost World for best adapted screenplay.
What happened to all the Oscar buzz around Road To Perdition a couple of years back? In the summer, when itwas released, people were saying it had a shot at Best Picture and Tom Hanks was looking at his third Best Actor statue. By the time Awards Season rolled around, however---NOTHIN'; ZIPPO; ZILCH;NADA!! So, honestly, what happened? I can't even remember the flick that did win that year. (Truthfully, I'm not quite sure even what year it is I'm talking memory is going as I creep toward my 40th birthday....or should that be my 41st birthday---if I count the actual Day of My Birth as a "birthday"?)
I have also crept slowly off topic, so I'll cut this entry short.
See you next week

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sru-pikap said...

dear raymondo,

I enjoyed reading your comments on the recent Oscar Awards. I too am approaching my 40th birthday and I too cannot remember much about Oscars awards in the past. Oddly though , I do remember the very lame bit that Letterman did with the Uma, Oprah thing a few years back. Also I cannot remember the Best Actor Award winner in the year that Road to Perdition competed. From this I can assume a number of things.1. I am getting too old and no longer has mastery of my memory. 2. I dont really give a rats behing or 3. There is something in the water here in Linesville that adversely effects my memory yet gives me super human strength and x-ray vision. Or any combination of the three.